Gossip Girl, Go Home

This show? One reason I don't watch much TV. The plot swirls around a gang of high school kids traipsing about the Upper East Side.

It serves as a reminder that while I may love living here as a single woman, raising children here? Doping up in central park, cruising in limos, making rounds at Madison Avenue boutiques. Can't see it. How about climbing trees, running, just being girls...learning?

What happened to igniting curious high school minds like Robin Williams did in Dead Poets Society? This show arm-in-arm with Miss lovely, befuddled South Carolina and whatever cracked-out celeb-of-the-day is strewn across the headlines (even the way the word celeb rolls off the tongue makes me cringe): It's pathetic.

Who do young girls have to look up to? Who will be the new Cokie Roberts, Condoleezza Rice, Madeleine Albright, Samantha Power, Maureen Dowd, Joan Didion, Katharine Graham, Hillary? Just one shred of something they can aspire to, just one nugget of compassion and real knowledge of the world beyond skinny jeans and heinous gossip. We can come up with something better. Can't we?

Gag me....with a spoon, GG.

May I suggest a little light reading for you: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. Yep, it's based on a true story, a real eye-opener.



BH said...

Interesting post.
There are always going to be shows like this, and more than likely that's because there's always an audience for things like this.

The bottom line is advertising dollars and so long as there's people tuning in, there will be advertisers spilling money into it.

There's more than 57 Channels these days, and the best way to tune out a show like this is to, well, tune it out, I guess.

Anonymous said...

hey.. all I wanted to ask is this.. is upper east really exactly like what is being potrayed in gossip girl? if its different how is it? I dream to have a rocking career and one day have my house and lead my life in upper east side. So pls tell me what is it like?

-silver stag

Anonymous said...

Yawn....you can't be serious. What a waste of a blog posting.

Gossip Girl is fantastic, escapist TV. No one claims or thinks that it's real the same way no one took Beverly Hills 90210 or Melrose Place seriously.

Gag you? Please do. There are plenty of good role models out there and little girls will become heinous, vapid people regardless of whether GG is around.

That said, the show is incredibly witty, fairly smart and at times tackles tough issues and does them well (the mother dealing with a gay son immediately comes to mind).

Relax and enjoy the show for what it is--unmitigated fun.