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UES Tips galore today.
Like used books and auction catalogues? Hurry! Grab a bag and head to Lexington Avenue between East 89-90 Streets. The used book store on the right, heading uptown, lost its lease and it's a free-for-all book grab. Two tables, covered in books, all free. Passing by on my way home from the gym tonight I picked up my two books and the tables were toppling over.
And, First Friday is back at the Guggenheim! This is the Upper East Side young, hip post-workweek scene. DJ Ben Butler will shake the museum walls -- and all you dancers in between them.
When: 9pm-1am
How Much: $25 at the door, members free
What: DJ, Dancing, Architecture, New Friends, Old Friends, Cash Bar
It was one heckuva crazy week for Your Girl. Still standing. Still breathing. Ready for more.
Travel story: Check
Five reporting assignments: Check (highest number yet -- ooooooo yeah, on fire!)
Profile: Check
Facials Story: Check
Gallery hopping story: Check
Friends from Maryland crash for the weekend: Check
Blogger Reception: Check
One full 10-hour day inserting images for tech guide: Check (yuck, but yeah!)
Edits meeting for tech guide: Check
Drinks at Sortie with my assigning senior reporter: Check
Author Reading: Check
Sunday brunch: Check: New Place "Fetch" on Third Ave. If you like hounds, you'll love it
Two days emailing, calling, chasing payment on freelance invoices: Check
Rent check mailed: Check :)
Phew! You know how when you first get back from holiday, back to NYC, and you're in slow-mo? It takes a short while to rev up into Gotham gear? Well, slow-mo be gone! I'm pretty sure after this week, I'm back up to speed. Zooming into fast gear.
Tonight was my last night at the gym. Shoooot! It's yoga and bhangra I'll miss most. Of course I went one more time -- to run three miles and say farewell for a few months.
Now, it will get a little tricky coaxing myself into running ... in the frigid cold. But, maybe it will be ehem, exhilarating? Paying off credit cards. Paying off credit cards. Like a mantra it runs through my mind. No, sorry, I can't tonight. Paying off those damn credit cards! I'm liberating myself for good from the debt chains every day, every midnight-oil hour, every dollar.
And, it feels good. It feels damn good. Nothing worth doing ever came easily. And some end results are worth the temporary sacrifice.

Here's looking at you, shining UES faces.

See you at First Friday.

I think we all could use a little break!

Your Girl About Town

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